Cover of the Month: Low #5 | An Introduction to the Sword and Planet Sub-Genre

Comics are a breeding ground for – sub-genres. Gosh darn it! There are so many of them! Wikipedia lists over 25 different sub-genres of sci-fi alone, and their list is very, very conservative. But, honestly, one of my most dorky attributes is that I love all these cute, little, unknown sub-genres (like “Tech Noir” and “Weird West”). Out of this pack of literary bundles of joy, I especially love this one – Sword and Planet. The cover of the latest issue of “Low” pulls inspiration from this tiny darling of a sub-genre. Here’s how “Low” does this and a quick exploration of the Sword and Planet sub-genre.

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I Buy Digital Comics, and Here’s Why You Should Too

Hi, my name is James, and I recently converted.

I now believe in the digital.

I’m a late adopter (that’s for sure), but I’m here now. It’s taken me awhile to put my faith in a purchase that I can neither see nor touch, but I’m here now. My life and my stuff has been fully given over to the Google and the Cloud. I now use Google Play to buy all of my movies and music.

However – I refuse to be a sacrilegious comic reader! Even though there are easy to use Apps, programs, and websites devoted to selling digital comics, I must (I must) buy a “real” comic book! Until now.

Like I said, I now fully believe in the digital. Now, I buy my comics online, and here’s why…

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Series Review: Pretty Deadly | Can You Handle TransGenre Comics?

Westerns don’t get enough love. Have you ever watched the Clint Eastwood classics? Seriously, the Western is such an awesome genre! However, right now in comics, crime drama, sci-fi, and horror get all of the attention. There ain’t no love for the Western- until now.

“Pretty Deadly” decidedly and vehemently re-imagines the Western.


Well, it blends the crap out of it.


“Pretty Deadly” blends the Western with High-bar Fantasy, Classical Tragedy, and Manga storytelling. Basically, it takes the Western and turns it into a transgenre. Here’s how…

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Cover of the Month: C.O.W.L Vol #1| How to Spot Graphic Design in Comics

Comic book covers, Ah…I really, really love a good cover. A good cover fully immerses you. It pulls you into the story before you’ve even read the story. Moreover, a good cover stands all on it’s own as a work of art. A good cover can sit proudly on your wall and on your bookshelf, because a good cover masters all of the elements of graphic design. So, let’s talk about how covers do this. This month, let’s look at an amazing example of graphic design in comics. Without further ado, I proudly present – C.O.W.L. Vol #1.

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How Comics can Exercise Your Brain

I love pulling apart the meaning and the metaphors of poetry and fiction. It’s just how my mind works, so literature always exercises my very very active brain. I search for the layers in a text, and I love hunting down the ones I can’t find. Now, I’m going to take a leap and say that if you’re reading this, you like comics, and if you like comics, then I know your brain works at least a little bit like mine. Your brain is crazy active, and you’ve got to keep it engaged!

So how you do you keep your brain in shape? More importantly how do you use comics to exercise your active mind? Easy. Use literary analysis. Well, how do you do that? Easy again. Simply ask one question.

Ask why.

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Learn How Philosophical and Personal Comics Can Be

I love comics and TED talks

I’m dorky (but I’m sure you already knew that). I love comics, and I love educational lectures. So, naturally, I love, love, love TED talks. I follow their podcasts, YouTube videos, and even Netflix collections. I was so excited to find some TED talks on comic books that I absolutely had to share them with you: one from Scott McCloud and one from ComicBookGirl19.

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Review Round-Up: The Fade Out #1 | A Dead Simple Primer on Film Noir

“The Fade Out” is an unabashed noir tale. It is fantastic, engrossing, and insightful, and it’s only on issue one. There are a ton of reviews on the book already. But something’s missing from the reviews. To really appreciate this book, you need to know a term that (especially in connection with this book) is just thrown around. You need to know about “noir” because noir is the entire foundation and rubric for “The Fade Out,” and noir isn’t detailed in any other article about this book. So, here’s a dead simple primer on noir.

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Cover of the Month: Zero #8 | How to Be an Art (Comic) Critic in 3 Easy Steps

Is It Ok to Judge a Book by Its Cover? Yes.

Just like LP and book covers, comic covers completely sway my buying decision. An amazing cover can make me buy a crappy book, and a stale cover can make me pass over a stellar series. So, basically (and honestly), I judge a comic book by its cover.

This is the cover for issue number eight of the series “Zero.” For this issue, I am actually only judging the cover. I haven’t read this book, and I haven’t even read this series. I know nothing about this title besides the cover.


But that’s ok. Actually, that’s really great, because it elevates the cover to the level of capital “A” art. I’m not biased by my opinion of the series. I judge this cover by its own merits, just like I judge a painting hanging on the wall of a museum by its own merits. So, let’s get to judging…

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